Spin Classes

Beginner’s Spin Orientation

This introductory class provides detailed information on bike set-up, pace, proper cadence and tension, and other key concepts to help participants get the best out of a spin class.

Level I Spin

You know the rules… now let’s get going. 50 minute class for the beginner to the experienced. The emphasis is on providing a fun and effective workout. Warm up, Spin, cool down and stretch.

1000+ Calorie Burn Spin

You're reading that right.  Burn at least 1000 Calories in this and other specialty classes like it (1500 Calorie Burn Spins!) by gaining mental focus, getting motivated, and pushing yourself into pure Spin Utopia.

Spin and Strength

A mixture of everything that is right in the world... Spinning and full body weight training rolled into one. Spin for 40 minutes followed by a structured 20 minute weight routine. (Not as intense as Spin Bootcamp or The Gun Show, this is a perfect class to get lean and toned!)


Take every memory about every intense workout you've ever done and roll it up into a ball of Spin Awesomeness, and you'll start to get the idea of Spinsanity!  Modeled after Shaun T's Insanity program, this 45 minute Spin only class will burn so many calories while torching every last muscle fiber in your legs that you might need 10 minutes just to gather the strength to get off your bike.  3 sets of varying degrees of intensity wrapped around the most motivational instruction anywhere in the industry.  Spinsanity, y'all!

Tri Curious

Ever thought about doing a triathlon? See what you’re in store for with this 45 minute Spin followed by a 30 minute run. (We call it the Brick workout). This class focuses on increasing endurance and speed, and includes both interval and anaerobic training, all in a non-competitive environment. Class will start in the spin studio in Evanston and then move outdoors when weather permits.

The Gun Show

High Intensity Spin. Upper body Weight training all on the bike to the beat of the music. Repeat – and burn more than 1000 calories in 60 minutes.

Themed Spin Bootcamp

Push yourself to your limit with this 90 minute class that incorporates Advanced Interval Spin, weight lifting, body weight plyometrics, and intense core work. When you start to resemble a Greek god or goddess statue in a few weeks, you can thank us.  We'll burn well over 1300 calories in this one... and the themes couldn't be any better or more fun!  (Bon Jovi vs. GNR, Prince vs. Michael Jackson, Coldplay vs. U2, East Coast vs. West Coast, 80's vs. 90's, EMINEM and on and on and on...)


Think you're tough? Love to challenge yourself? Here's your chance to prove it. A one and a half hour ride that includes a 15 minute warmup, a 15 minute cooldown, and straight 60 minute climb in between. So challenging we only offer it once a month!

Level I + Core

Hit your body hard by Cycling hard for 2 different sets, and doing a choreographed core and abdominal routine in the middle. 6 minute abs don't really happen, but 60 minute abs do. If you get mistaken for a lingerie model soon, call us to thank us.

Bootcamp 60

Don't have the time for a 90 minute marathon Spin session or want to just try out the intensity?  Bootcamp 60 is here for you.  Just like our Spin Bootcamp 90 minute classes but shorter (see how we did that?) the Bootcamp 60 class will get you going.  We'll stay inside for the entire class - starting first on the Spin side then moving to the Personal Training side of the studio to get 'er done.



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